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Warranty & Guarantees

Your order is backed by a warranty. Discover everything NineTwoFive guarantees.

What is the lifetime warranty?

NINETWOFIVE LIFETIME WARRANTY. At NineTwoFive, we're committed to creating high-quality jewellery that you can cherish for your lifetime. This warranty is built up with 4 layers to ensure that you will receive your order as expected and that you can

Is your jewellery of solid sterling silver?

Yes! We take great pride in crafting all of our jewellery from solid 925 sterling silver, which is a top-quality material made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. In fact, our brand name "NineTwoFive" comes from this sterling si

What if my jewellery breaks?

If your jewellery breaks, the action we take will depend on when it happens and the cause of the breakage. Your jewellery is protected by our Lifetime Warranty. You can read the entire coverage and rules here. Below is our Lifetime Warranty in short:

What is included in the lifetime warranty?

Our lifetime warranty covers various design flaws to give you the ease of mind you deserve. Please note that we handcraft each piece of jewellery, and while we take every precaution to ensure its quality, human-made errors can occur. If your jeweller

What is not included in the lifetime warranty?

Our lifetime warranty only covers design flaws, meaning it does not cover scratches, dents, bent material, lost items and tarnished silver. All of these can happen over time. Below is an overview of excluded situations:

What about the shipping costs when using lifetime warranty?

If you notice something is wrong with your jewellery within 72 hours of delivery (layer 2) we will pay all associated shipping costs to replace or repair your item. If your jewellery breaks due to a design flaw after 72 hours but within the first 12