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What if my jewellery breaks?Updated 10 months ago

If your jewellery breaks, the action we take will depend on when it happens and the cause of the breakage. Your jewellery is protected by our Lifetime Warranty. You can read the entire coverage and rules here. Below is our Lifetime Warranty in short:

If the issue is noted within 72 hours of delivery, any damage, scratches, or errors will be covered, and we'll provide a free repair or replacement.

If the jewellery breaks due to a design flaw within the first 12 months, we'll also offer a free repair or replacement. After the first 12 months, if a design flaw causes the breakage, we will repair or replace the item for a nominal fee (30% - 50% of the item’s price), with the exact fee depending on the design, damage type, and item age.

Please note that this warranty doesn't cover unintentional abuse, accidental breakage, lost or stolen items, or items damaged by third parties. For any issues, reach out to our support team here with a brief explanation and images of the damage for assistance.

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